Growth of Patent Holders in European Union Increased, 2020

April 17 2020 | India | Advertising | News |


The European Union has increased its number of patent holder in this euro crisis along with COVI19 global pandemics. The growth and increment of the patent will improve the present challenges in the biotechnological and pharma industries of the EU from that of 2015 to 2018. This growth rate is higher than that of last 10 years growth rate of patent in EU only.   


The number of patent holder for 2019 is much higher that of the 2018 with a higher growth rate of 4%, which represents the slow and steady growth of the economy zone.


The COVID19 global pandemic is going on the various continents of the world, effecting countries growth and economy into a bad shape. The economic recession is on its way to affects the each and every country. This ongoing pandemic is majorly affected the European continents, along with North America. The origin of this COVID19 pandemic is Wuhan, China, which has less effect to the Chinese economy due to its fast recovery from this pandemic.  As the recovery from this COVID19 pandemic in Chinese is much faster paced compared to the rest of the world.


However, the European patent holder is really increasing with growth of 4% compared to the last few years back. As per the global patent index data (WPO), the patents holder in Europe has significantly reduced from 18% to 11% with a gap of 7% since 2008 to 2018. But the recent growth represents the boosting of its economy and number of patent filing from 2018 onwards.


Every country is in a hurry to develop a drug and a vaccine against this new coronavirus. This fast-developed pandemic has pushed all scientific communities to do faster research for COVID19 to understand its molecular mechanism of infection to host as little is known about it till today. For this, the past few months COVID19 research has grown up rapidly to understand its molecular mechanism of infection of the host cell especially to lungs. It also affects other organs by causing a multiple organ failure leads to death.


The world patent index data for Asia continent are growing much faster from 51 % to 67% with a growth rate of 16% since 2008 onwards. However, the patent holder in the North American is slowly decreasing with a 7% gap from 2008 to 2018. The WPO data shows a significant growth of economy in both Asia and European country compare to North American.





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