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April 11 2020 | India | Advertising | News | By Dr. S. K. Maharana


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID19) is a caused by a new virus, and its serious infections to the humans. COVID19 causes the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and its first reported in the December 2019 in Wuhan, China. This virus was initially called as “Wuhan Virus” for its place of origin, but later WHO has changed its name to COVID19.


This virus has a single RNA genome at its structure, belong to family of Coronaviridae, as it has many spike proteins on the surface envelope, these spike proteins help virus to enter inside the host cells especially lung cells. The primary target organs of this coronavirus are the lungs of human.


Till today, COVID19 has reported across 200 countries of the world, infecting around 1.7 million along with 95,800 deaths. Most of the countries are lockdown and global business are shut down. This is 21th centuries pandemic and its worst effects on humankind after the second world war. The major effected countries at the moment are USA, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Canada, Iran, Australia, China and most of the European countries.


This COVID19 is more dangerous than HIV or other virus infection due to its very easy mode of transmission across humans. With an infection rate of 10 people in every minute across the world are infected with this coronavirus.


Every country is in a hurry to develop a drug and a vaccine against this new coronavirus. This fast-developed pandemic has pushed all scientific communities to do faster research for COVID19 to understand its molecular mechanism of infection to host as little is known about it till today. For this, the past few months COVID19 research has grown up rapidly to understand its molecular mechanism of infection of the host cell especially to lungs. It also affects other organs by causing a multiple organ failure leads to death.


Symptoms of COVID19


The most common symptoms of the COVID19 infected person start appearing depending on the person. The first symptoms are pneumonia (common cold), running nose or sore throat and sneezing.  The incubation period of this virus depends on the person, but most infected people started appearing their symptoms within 2 to 14 days of infection. However, 98% patients show symptoms from 11 days onwards.

Its easily transmits across human by close contact with an infected person and its coughing saliva droplets. It also spreads across human by coming contact with an infection person touching surfaces and objects that has been used by them.  This easy mode of transmit of coronavirus from one person to other make COVID19 deadliest than any other disease at this moment.


Common symptoms are high fever, dry cough and short breathing; however, it shows other symptoms like muscle pains, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, abdominal pain and loss of smell. Infected person shows a mild symptom of viral pneumonia, in the initial stages leading to multiple organ failures.

The most common symptoms are high fever with 88% of the patience, 68% with dry cough and 38% patience have muscle fatigue (feel weakness) and few shows the shorting their breath.

Although the few infected patients don’t appear any kind of symptoms, their infection disappears automatically with little pneumonia like symptom in the initial days of infection. These infected people develop antibodies in their immune system to fight against this coronavirus. This strong immune system patience’s belong to an age group of young, however old age person are more vulnerable to coronavirus.


Fastrack Diagnosis

Most challenging on this COVID19 pandemic is the FastTrack diagnosis of infected persons and isolate these infected people in a quarantine to stop further spread of this infection to another, due to its easy mode of transmitting. World Health Organization (WHO) has released a standard protocol for this diagnosis of coronavirus using a real time reverse transcript PCR (rRT-PCR), which is cost effective to a poor person and also time taking. As of now, anti-body test for this COVID19 are in rapid pace in its development, across the bio-pharma companies. As the anti-body test will faster in diagnosis of a recovered patients and also COVID19 developing person.

In Wuhan, China, few patience’s is diagnosed by X-ray of lungs, but it’s hard to detect this COVID19 in its early days of infection. However, few more used CT-SCANS for this diagnosis, which is useful in the early diagnosis but its most lengthy and expansive approach.

Recently, many companies are investing in finding a quick diagnostic kit of COVID19, almost all the biotech and pharmaceutical companies across the globe are engaged in finding a cheaper and quicker diagnosis kit. However, few more engaged in manufacturing the Person Protective Equipment’s (PPE) i.e. Face MASK, Hand Globes, Sanitizers and Protective Suits as a preventing measure of this COVID19. Fast-track diagnosis is an only way COVID19 patients and isolate them is a vital part of this pandemic to stop them.



At the moment, there is no drugs or vaccine for this COVID19. Most of the infected patients were treated with antiviral drugs, paracetamol, antimalarial drugs (hydroxychloroquine) and few passive antibody therapy (transferring serums of the recovered person from COVID19).

Most of the govt research organisation and pharma companies of the various countries are starting their drug and vaccine clinical trial in a rapid and actively engaged at the moment. Few of the clinical trial candidate vaccines are undergoing clinical phases II in countries like USA, Italy, India and China.

The only way to prevent someone from this COVID19 is to self-isolate and social distancing from the infected person. An infected person appearing the symptoms can need a quarantine, mechanical ventilator and Person Protective Equipment’s (PPE).      





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