US Company Phase II Human Trails for COVID19 Vaccine

June 06 2020 | India | Advertising | News | by Dr. S K Maharana

The hope for vaccine against COVID19 has moved to Phase II human trials by a US based company. On May month, Modern biotechnology giant Massachusetts based successful in Phase I human trials on 45 participants. After successful Phase I, Moderna biotechnology company is expecting more than 600 participants in the Phase II trials.

According to the Forbes, Moderna is looking for phase III trials in the July month with its vaccine candidate mRNA-1273.


The Phase II stage is very important and crucial than its previous Phase I, which has passed with the vaccine safety parameters and human treatments. However, the Phase II data are more crucial and important due to its detailed information regarding the safety and long-term effects of the vaccine candidate on human.


Moderna has passed from Phase I to Phase II stage based on the clinical data on 45 participants with standing parameters of 63 percent. With this good news and hope for a vaccine candidate against COVID19, the US stock market surged to high. Similar was noticed in the last month, when Moderna released its successful & good result from Phase I trials. The same mRNA – 1273 has shown a good result toward the COVID19 by stimulating the immune response against the corona virus. This same vaccine candidate was selected with a collaboration between US National Institute of Health (NIH), Moderna and US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID).


They are 100 vaccine candidates are under the various stages of research and their trials for the covid19 but only a few of the candidate has reached to Phase I and II like the Moderna and the University of Oxford candidate vaccine.


With this good news from Moderna vaccine candidates the shares of the company have jumped 20% higher than a US biotech company in the last month. And the same might go further higher due to their upcoming Phase III trials on the July month.


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